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And here are resources we find helpful:

Anita Borg Institute
Why tech’s gender gap isn’t just a pay gap
From Telle: Why We’re Inviting Men to the Table at GHC 2014

Why Business Needs Women—and Women Need Male Allies
Men Matter
Men Advocating Real Change (MARC)

Frame Shift Consulting
Ally Skills Workshop

Geek Feminism
Geek Feminism Ally Resources

NCWIT – The National Center for Women & Information Technology
NCWIT Tips: 8 Ways to Identify Male Advocates
NCWIT Tips: 8 Ways to Increase Male Advocacy
Male Advocates and Allies: Promoting Gender Diversity in Technology Workplaces
Top 10 Ways to Be a Male Advocate for Technical Women
Supervising-in-a-Box: Employee Recruitment/Selection

Research Round-up
Why Women Leave Tech (Sue Gardner, ongoing analysis of the research)

Other Articles
Tech’s Male ‘Feminists’ Aren’t Helping (Daily Beast, December 8 2014)
Transcript of the Male Allies Panel at Grace Hopper 2014 (Julie Pagano’s Blog, December 2 2014)
Male Allies: We Need You (Lightening Talk at O’Reilly Women’s Community Meetup, February 18 2015)
A How-To Guide for Men in Tech


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